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Safety Notice: 

Robberies in East Neighborhood


Please take the following steps to protect yourself:

  • Walk in groups of three or more.
  • Do not carry valuables with you.
  • Use well-lit and well-traveled routes.

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STOP Bias is an educational campaign dedicated to preventing acts of bias on the SU campus.

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Welcome to Off-Campus and Commuter Services754 Ostrom

The Office of Off-Campus and Commuter Services (OCCS) orients students to Syracuse University and the broader community, prepares them for successful transitions, and facilitates continued student success through graduation. The OCCS is committed to offering information, resources, education, and programs that promote skill development, student independence, and civic engagement to all Syracuse University students. In addition, the OCCS provides all students living off campus or commuting to campus from home with support, information, and resource referrals throughout their off-campus housing experience.

Students who opt for off-campus accommodations can visit the OCCS to learn about the network of educational and community services available to them. The office provides students with information on finding suitable housing, exercising their rights and upholding their responsibilities as tenants and as members of the community, and identifying resources that can assist with other off-campus housing questions. OCCS is available for in person assistance at 754 Ostrom Avenue, via phone at 315-443-5489, online at, and via email at

This website is designed to benefit the entire off-campus student community by providing an overview of the off-campus living experience and by offering useful information on crucial topics, including security deposits, leases, safety off-campus, and handling roommate conflicts. This is only a guide and is not meant to offer legal advice or to replace the services of an attorney.

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