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Protect Your Security Deposit

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Security Deposits

Security Deposits

A security deposit is money that protects landlords against damage beyond normal wear and tear, provides a remedy for unpaid rent, and funds cleanup of the rental, if necessary.  Almost every landlord will require you to pay a security deposit in addition to your first month’s rent before you move in.  A security deposit can be anywhere from one to two times your monthly rent .

Protecting Your Security Deposit

When moving in, the best way to protect your security deposit is to complete a detailed checklist of all damages already present in the unit. Note things as small as nail holes in the walls, burns in the carpets, and cracks in the windows. Complete an Apartment Condition Checklist,  be sure that your landlord is with you when you do this and signs the checklist. If your landlord is unable to walk through with you, you should take pictures of, or videotape, your apartment to accurately depict its condition and send a copy to your landlord via certified mail. When you move out, you should conduct the same kind of inspection with your landlord, with the results recorded in writing. To further protect your security deposit, you should take photos of all areas of the apartment once you move out to show cleanliness and any possible damages. According to Syracuse city ordinance, security deposits must be returned within 21 days of the end of the lease.