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Update Your Contact Information

In case of emergency having your local address on file is very important

Syracuse University students are required to provide to the University accurate and timely information regarding their addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information, including contact information for their parents, guardians, or others to be notified in an emergency.*This policy was approved March 14, 2005.

How to submit your contact information:


MySlice Log in and select and option under "Personal Information"


Registrar’s Office, 106 Steele Hall; 315-443-2422

Living off campus offers the opportunity to belong to an evern larger, more diverse community than you might experience through residence hall life.  When you move off campus, you automatically acquire responsibility to be a good neighbor.  Keep in mind that you live in a diverse neighborhood of professional people, families with children, and elderly people.  Get to know your neighbors-you may need their help throughout the year.  Remember, you are responsible for your guests' actions.  If your guests cause problems for the neighborhood, the problems ultimately become yours.