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Getting Repairs Made

The most common problem for tenants is getting the landlord to fulfill his or her responsibility to make necessary repairs on the premises . If you are living with several people, identify a spokesperson for the group . When there are problems, have your spokesperson immediately contact the landlord and follow up in writing if necessary . Do not be afraid to keep calling if the problem is not resolved . Offer to do some of the repairs if your landlord will pay for the supplies . For example, if you want to repaint the living room, offer to paint it yourself if your landlord will purchase the painting supplies .

Click here for sample letter Requesting Repairs.

In New York State, a tenant cannot withhold rent from a landlord except under extraordinary circumstances (e .g . property becomes “dangerous to life, health, or safety of the tenant”) . Therefore, the City of Syracuse Division of Code Enforcement is probably the best resource if your landlord refuses to correct problem conditions in your apartment (e .g . getting your heat turned on) . The Housing Code establishes property maintenance standards and describes in detail the responsibility of owners and occupants of residential property located within the City of Syracuse . Copies of the code can be obtained from the City of Syracuse Division of Code Enforcement, 201 East Washington Street, Syracuse NY 13202 . If you have questions, contact the City of Syracuse Division of Code Enforcement at 315-448-8695.