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Tenant Responsibilities

It is important for you to know your responsibilities as a tenant. If you are not familiar with your responsibilities, you may find yourself unintentionally breaking your lease agreement.

The Lease
You are responsible for reading the lease and agreeing to its terms. Once you sign the lease, you generally are held to its terms unless the terms are illegal.

Paying Rent
You are responsible for paying the rent on time. Remember that most leases require that each tenant is responsible for the entire amount of the rent. Therefore, if one of your roommates fails to pay the rent one month, you could be responsible for paying the entire rental amount for that month.

Care of Property
You and your roommates should work together with the landlord and neighbors to keep the property clean and safe. Keep the apartment clean and free of insects and rodents (e.g., dispose of your garbage and recycling properly). Remember that you are responsible for any damage done to the property by you or your guests.

Notice of Repairs
You are responsible for giving the landlord notice of any needed repairs or maintenance. This is especially important when the problem will cause additional damage unless it is promptly fixed. You should also contact your landlord upon the notice of insects or rodents in your apartment.

Right to Privacy
As a tenant, you have the right to privacy within your apartment. However, your landlord may enter your apartment to make necessary repairs, or to show the apartment to prospective tenants with reasonable prior notice and at a reasonable time. In case of an emergency, your landlord may enter your apartment without your consent